Water-based ink for food packaging printing.

The high-grade water based ink is formulated with the nanoscale organic(inorganic) pigments, imported special aqueous emulsion and related additives, made after a certain physical reaction; non-VOC emission, non-toxic and odorless, non-heavy metal and plasticizer , non-flammable, non-explosive, OHS safe, fully meets the requirment of food packaging ; used simply after adding water or acohol and with strong color exhibitions. The high-grade water-based ink is specially designed for food flexible packaging.


Easy-using, adding water directly for printing without any other additives.

High solid content; Excellent liquidity; Good for rotogravure printing. 

Excellent adhesion.

Good cladding with pigment; Excellent color exhibitions; High glossiness.

Fine particle size; Fast drying; Excellent leveling

Good rub resistance and transferability, anti viscous resistance.

Excellent compatibility with other emulsion and pigment.

High-temperature-resistant, resistant to boiling, resistance to hydrogen peroxide, Resistance chemical solvent(resistant grease, acid and alkali, destergent ).

Excellent printability, suitable for HDPE,LDPE,OPP,CPP,PET,NY ect different substrate of plastic film and excellent composite fastness.

1.Napkin and toilet tissue package.

2.OPP/PE、OPP/CPP、PET/PE, NY/PE ect composite laminated bags for food flexible packaging bags .


1. General storage under seal for more than 1 years.

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight directly.

3. Seal the remaining ink after used to avoid viscosity increasing and skinning caused           of moisture evaporation .

4. Packed by plastic parrel, 18 kgs/ barrel or 20kgs/barrel.

Product Color: Color matching service is provided based on Pantone color number.

Storage and Packing:

1.General storage under seal for more than one year.

2.Avoid exposure to sunlight.

3.Sealed the remaining ink after use to avoid viscosity increasing and skinning by water        evaporation.

4.Packed in plastic pail, net weight: 18kg/pail (20kg/pail for white ink).

Remarks:The technical parameters of our products depend on actual printing equipments, printing substrates and printing methods. Customization is offered for your special products requirements. And we suggest to do relative adjustments according to your actual situation of printing machine before using to meet your printing needs.