Water-borne light oil compared with solvent

The main purpose of the solvent is dissolved or dispersed synthetic resin, all kinds of additives.Water-based light oil is mainly water solvent.Water is colorless, non-toxic, tasteless, wide sources, low price, volatility is almost zero, is also very good flowing property.However, there are shortcomings such as slow drying, easy to cause the product size is not stable, etc., therefore, when using ethanol, in order to improve the drying performance of water-based solvent, improving water-borne light oil processing eligibility.

Fertilizer is to improve the physical and chemical properties and processing properties of water-borne light oil.Often use additives has curing agent, surface active agent, defoamer, desiccant, adhesion agent, wetting dispersant = other additives, and so on.Defoaming agent is commonly used to control the bubbles of light oil, the solution to light oil in the use of fish eye, such as pinhole quality defects.Using the surfactant to reduce the surface tension of the water soluble dhi, improve flow property;Using dispersants to improve the dispersion properties of the resin to prevent sticking dirty and improve the wear resistance;Use coating enhancers to improve the film forming material and adhesion of substrates ability;With plasticizers to improve polishing after folding performance;With a good agent to the use of glazing oil luster, transparency is strong.There are many kinds of additives, when using, depending on the types of light oil.But all kinds of auxiliary dosage shoulds not be more than 5% of the total, otherwise will affect the light oil processing adaptability.