To explaining for what is ZERO voc emission of environmental water-based ink

With the improvement of people's living standards and health, low toxicity, environmental protection, health products to improve, our ink market has undergone a certain change, water-based market is gradually improving. At present, water-based ink is mainly flexible and gravure printing, which are mostly printed for food packaging, tobacco, pharmaceutical, children's toys occupy a considerable market. The United States, Europe, about 95% of flexible printing and gravure printing for the water, and now China accounted for only 3%.

Water-based inks are produced in this context. In order to eliminate the VOC (low boiling organic compounds) released from solvent-based inks, the EPA has been able to reduce or eliminate VOC requirements, and chemical engineers have continuously developed high solids Sub-coatings, powder coatings, UV-curable coatings, water-based paint, these inks are greatly reducing the VOC emissions, and some even eliminate the VOC emissions.