How to make a great gravure spot color ink preparation program?

In recent years, gravure flexible packaging products,  the number of printing color showed a significant  increase in the trend, gravure spot color printing  plate, gravure spot color ink usage increased year by  year trend. The increase in the number of printed colors  makes the printing of flexible packaging products  increasing, the rate of bad products increased,  especially due to the number of poor color caused by the  rapid increase in the number of bad products.

There are many reasons for the color difference, gravure  spot color ink is one of them. In the gravure spot color  ink preparation, the current domestic vast majority of  ink production enterprises still rely on the experience  of technical staff to color, and by the naked eye to  judge; and foreign and joint venture ink production  enterprises have long been widely used computer color  matching software, spectrophotometer and Automatic  proofing system to ensure that the gravure color ink  color consistency.

In the gravure spot color ink preparation process, the  printing film substrate, gravure printing roller and  printing process set and other elements of ink  production enterprises must understand and master the  key issues, the final production of gravure spot color  ink The quality will have a great impact.

Relationship between Film Substrate and Color  Reproduction of Gravure Spot Color Ink

In the actual production of flexible packaging  enterprises, printing film base varieties are more,  often customers because of the product range and  specifications of different film substrates need to  print the same graphic (especially with the spot color  ink printing Graphic), such as QS logo, company LOGO,  etc., and requires the color of these pictures must be  consistent, the color as small as possible. Therefore,  the same gravure spot color ink can meet this  requirement, need to be judged by experiment.

The relationship between gravure roll and gravure ink  color reproduction

At present, gravure printing roller is usually used in  electronic engraving, image file production is  completed, the need for each color plate roll (of  course, including spot color roll) to determine the  specific electric carving process parameters, such as  carving lines, carving needle angle, carving Cable  angle, engraving curve, dark tone, high light and trench  and so on. As the selected electric carving process  parameters will directly affect the depth of the plate  network, determine the amount of transfer of gravure  ink, thus affecting the final print on the color effect.  Therefore, the experiment and confirmed that the main  color carving process parameters of the special color  gravure printing roller is a prerequisite for the  accurate preparation of gravure color ink.

Practice has proved that even with the same printing  ink, the same printing speed, the same film substrate,  due to gravure roll roller carving process parameters  are different, the final print color will have a greater  difference, △ E up to 6. Therefore, in the design stage  of gravure spot color ink, it should be clear customers  to be printed products, spot color roll carving process  parameters and to be considered, the spot color ink and  gravure printing roller matching as an important  reference The

The relationship between the printing process (ink  viscosity, printing method, whether to use white ink  backing) and gravure spot color ink reproduction

Gravure machines are usually designed with the highest  printing speed, while the actual production of the  printing speed is generally slightly lower than the  design of the highest printing speed to ensure that the  gravure press in a good stable working condition, to  minimize equipment wear and tear. Gravure ink is a kind  of liquid ink with good fluidity. The general rule  between the viscosity and the printing speed is as  follows: the printing speed is faster, the lower the  working viscosity of the ink is required, and the higher  the working viscosity of the ink is required; In a  certain range, gravure printing speed and gravure  printing ink inversely proportional to the working  viscosity. Gravure spot color ink is also applicable to  this general law, the working viscosity directly affects  the gravure spot color ink color concentration level,  and gravure spot color ink color density changes will  lead to print on the spot color graphic color.

The same printing ink, the same gravure roll, the same  film substrate, when the ink viscosity is different, the  final print color will have a greater difference, △ E  up to 10. Therefore, it is clear that the printing speed  of the customer's gravure printing machine and the  working viscosity of the gravure color ink required at  this printing speed are the prerequisites for preparing  the gravure color ink.

The same printing ink, the same gravure printing roller,  the same film substrate, using different printing  methods, the final color of the printed matter will be a  certain difference, △ E up to 7 or more. Therefore, a  clear customer printing products to be printed method is  the preparation of gravure color ink in the necessary  conditions of the four.

This paper describes the film substrate, gravure  printing roll, printing process is the impact of gravure  spot color ink preparation of the key elements, the  general flexible packaging enterprises will this as a  potential quality needs. To this end, gravure ink  manufacturers need to gravure spot color ink design at  the beginning of these implied quality requirements to  identify, quantify, and converted into gravure spot  color ink performance indicators, thus determining the  appropriate ink production Technology, design the  correct experimental ink formula, so as to continuously  improve the improvement, and ultimately close to or  achieve customer satisfaction goals.