How to choose the basic principles of water-based ink additives?

Water-based ink additives is can improve the rheological properties of water-based ink, printing eligibility, and specific properties of the material.Such as viscosity, viscosity, dry performance, conjunctival performance, water resistance, prevent mildew performance, friction resistance, etc.With the improvement of printing process, users have new recomand of water-based ink, in order to adapt to market changes, making water-based ink manufacturers ink performance continuously, and improve the ink performance, in addition to bulk water-based ink raw material choice on, largely depends on the amount less fertilizer use.

The basic principle of selection of water-based ink is as follows:

1. Choosing less dosage and effect of additives. With high efficiency of fertilizer, which is beneficial to reduce cost as well as be helpful for the adjustment of ink formula.

2. Choosing function of additives, all additives as far as possible do not affect or change the other functions of water-based ink. 

3. Using additives color shallow.

4. Choosing low toxicity, non-toxic additives product.