Five Common Sense of Using Water-based Ink and Handling Methods of Blistering

The problem of water-based ink blistering is a problem that has plagued the printing ink plant. Due to water-based ink blistering will lead to serious equipment, equipment manufacturers in the design of the time also joined the extra attention, but the water-based ink blistering problem is not completely resolved. Now the printing ink factory in the solution of water-based ink bubble problems have been in the water-based ink defoamer, because this printing ink defoamer has good stability, easy to use, good water dispersion, and water-based ink Good compatibility, can eliminate the fine foam, with less, does not affect the film-forming and will not produce fisheye / eye and so on. The following is the application of water-based ink can be reduced when the bubble to pay attention to 5 points.

1. When the ink viscosity is found, do not add water to the inside, which is counterproductive. The viscosity can be measured before using water-based inks.

2. Printing ink operators and ink manufacturers must have to ensure the quality of ink before the established procedures.


3. Unnecessary ink stirring action should be reduced as much as possible.

4. Ink formula try not to use high solid content, it is best to use the formula is not easy to blister, especially in the cavity of the application of the doctor blade system.

5. Printing ink operators to keep the daily operation of the record, such as the use of ink and the performance of the situation, and so on.

Of course, this is only 5 points to reduce the water-based ink to be aware of the bubble, when the water-based ink bubble must be used when the water-based ink defoamer defoaming treatment.