water-based cypress paper printing ink market outlook

Cigarettes as a special food, consumer is in use process is sensitive to smells, especially the water-paper printing more safety and environmental protection is very important.Traditional water-paper is alcohol soluble ink, although made strict requirements for solvent residual, but there is also produced for health damage and post-press solvent residue problem such as the smell of cigarettes.In some developed countries like toluene aromatic solvents have been used in food packaging printing ink.The United States also have environmental laws to control the release of volatile organic compounds.Tobacco companies to strengthen competitiveness, also hope to strengthen the control in this respect.With the development of tobacco industry change, technical requirements and market prospect of the future cypress paper gravure printing ink will have new changes.With industry-leading level of cypress paper with ink, water-based gravure paper for printing base paper and printing speed range is extensive;Can completely meet the needs of the printing industry of tobacco.Cigarette companies across the country have more than hundred, the largest single brand has sold more than one million big box, and China's tobacco products will further to develop in the direction of high quality and internationalization, cypress paper use water-based ink development success will give good enterprise provides opportunities to seize the opportunity.As the tobacco industry structure adjustment, will greatly improve the degree of brand concentration, will also increase the single market share of the tobacco industry, which made to print mass orders for gravure printing with place, believe, cypress paper ink demand will also increase, therefore, its market potential is very considerable.Xiamen green spring environmental protection science and technology on the market at present material co., LTD., has a large number of suppliers in the market.Relevant information consult my company.