Water-based Ink of Advantage

National researchers is stepping up its environmentally friendly ink on the development of environmentally friendly ink on the main three categories, namely, water-based inks, UV inks and water-based UV inks. Water-based ink (Water-Basedlnk) referred to as the Ink is made by the water-soluble resins, organic pigments, surfactants and related additives by the composite grinding processing.

Water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, greatly reducing the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs, the same below), so as to reduce air pollution, and improve the printing operator environment, conducive to the health of workers. It can completely eliminate certain toxic and hazardous substances in the solvent-based inks, to eliminate hazards to the human body and the contamination of the packaged goods, to improve the overall quality of the environment, especially for tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages, medicines, children's toys and other health conditions demanding packaging and printing products. In addition, it can not only reduce the risk of fire caused due to static electricity and flammable solvents and pitfalls, and can also reduce the residual toxicity of the printing surface, and easy to clean the printing equipment.