The introduction and characteristic of Water-based Ink.

The key to overcome the technical difficulties of Water-based Ink are: Making sure the cigarette packet printing stability and consistency with large quantities; Ensuring high-speed printing water-based ink transfer, drying, improving the flowing property and solution stability. Using roto-grabure Water-based Ink to color printing, high network cable printing; Supporting the use, alignment, printing, package of flatness controling.

Here are some of the characteristics and using guidance by Green Spring Group Limited.

Water-based Ink use nanoscale inorganic pigment ink, special modified water-borne acrylic emulsion and related additives, dispersion, grinding is made by imported equipment;Heavy metal and the VOC content, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, no potential safety hazard, cigarette package standard requirements;

Water-based smoke package printing ink product features:

(1) Color purity, no peculiar smell.

(2) Good solubility, excellent dieyin resistance and flow flat, printing process cause no  cypress paper edge, laser perforation sex is good.

(3) Scratch resistant, anti-aging, anti-sticking lip.

(4) With the security of non-combustible, no explode, non-toxic, no heavy metal and the    VOC content, and meet the food hygiene, smoke requirements and environmental  requirements.

(5) To eliminate the dangers of toxic gas in the production environment on human health,  eliminate bad smell which makes environmental healthy with the fresh air.