The influencing factors of water-based ink flexo product col

Factors influencing the water-based ink flexo product color saturation of flexible printing has the advantages of bright colors, color rich, are widely used in the field of packaging and printing, flexographic printing office use various types of ink and the water-based ink has the advantage of environmental protection make it widely used in the field of flexible printing.But in the actual printing process, sometimes use the same water-based ink, but not the same color saturation, is this why?Printing color saturation of the products is relying on the printing quality on the ink layer on the absorption and scattering of light to reflect, mainly covering power and tinting strength properties.These two parameters and the inherent characteristics and some factors in the process of printing ink, we respectively from the following several aspects to the brief analysis of these factors.

Ink internal factors

In printing ink color saturation rely mainly on its absorption and scattering of light display.And ink composition as well as the intrinsic properties in influencing printing product color saturation plays an important role.Water-based ink is mainly composed of water-soluble acrylic resin and pigment, additives and so on, including the effect of pigment is color.And paint some intrinsic characteristics will affect the printing products covering power and tinting strength, will directly affect the print color saturation.Different particle size, shape and distribution can make the paint color, the hiding power and the strength of the tinting strength will follow.In general, the covering power of pigment has a certain relationship with the refractive index and its particle size.When the pigment particle size is small.Covering power is smaller.Covering power increase with the increase of particle size, when the particle size increase to a certain degree of hiding power and decreases.And the fluctuation in the pigment tinting strength also depends on the particle size, shape, size distribution, crystal structure, etc., when the pigment particle size reduced its tinting strength enhanced.When above a certain limit its tinting strength increases with the reduction of particle size decreases.In addition.Acicular particles than spherical particles with larger specific surface area.The stronger abilities of absorption and scattering.Thus its coloring ability is stronger.So.Pigment particles to print color saturation has the effect that cannot ignore.So when making water-based ink.Must choose carefully pigment particles (including particle size, shape, etc.).