The classification and application of printing ink

1, ink classified by plate structure: mainly include letterpress printing ink, offset printing ink, gravure printing ink, screen printing ink and special printing ink and so on.

2, printing ink by boring way classification:

Soak dry or ink absorption boring - mainly used machine oil, asphalt, or rosin resin, such as not cohesive material (machine oil cohesion of material), such as newspaper rotary printing ink;

Oxidation of conjunctival boring -- by oxygen bridge polymerization or polymer conjugate double-bond addition polymerization dry solid skin membrane mesh structure, the connection of material by dry vegetable oil, linseed oil refining and become, can divide again for polymer oil (ink oil/whoever made water) and oxidized oil two; 

Soak oxidation conjunctival boring - connection material mainly consists of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil and high boiling point mineral oil (oil) ink refined but become, used to make light of offset printing, letterpress printing system, early strength such as ink; 

Evaporation boring - in the gravure, flexible letterpress and screen printing ink, printing after connection guess evaporation of solvent or water to escape, were left on the resin, pigments of substrates appearance group has thickened agile, consolidation boring.

Thermosetting type of offset printing ink in the connection of material is rich in high boiling heat, transfer ink onto substrates, in the future, with a quick heating way to heat the oil evaporation.This kind of ink use evaporation in the early period of the boring to speed up the ink dry, can prevent or reduce the reverse of the printing quality reflects.

Concentrated boring - ultraviolet light type of ink (UV ink);

Thermal polymerization dry - metal plate with polyester ink, generally after printing to be under 130 ~ 150 ℃ for 10 min at the mercy of dry heat treatment; 

Gel dry - sol (PVC) plastic printing ink, is used as the foaming written in ink and printing ink, printing ink, fibers; 

Filter - soaked and gel boring boring boring, for example with fast dry ink to print on coated paper; 

Other way, such as sedimentary boring, boring condensing wet solid boring, boring, two-component reaction and electronic radiation polymerization boring boring ink (EB), etc.